Confusion over Station Road pedestrian crossing

Confusion surrounds the new padestrian crossing on Station Rd, Erington. This was designed to save padestrians from having to use a very narrow pavement under the railway bridge by Erdington train station. Shopkeepers on the road have said that they believe it has been put in the wrong place by the Conservative run council and will have to be moved.


From Conservative Party leaflet, March 2008

The campaign to secure this padestrian crossing was used in Conservative campaigning material in March of this year so we asked Councillor Robert Alden for comment. To date we have had no comment from Cllr Alden. We will make enquiries to the status of the crossing, but in the meantime ask you to HAVE YOUR SAY on the issue.

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PDSA calls for volunteers

Kingstanding’s branch of PDSA is calling for enthusiastic volunteers to join their organisation and help raise funds for ‘pets in need of vets’.

The Aston and Quinton PDSA PetAid hospitals are run from funds raised by the Hawthorne Rd and other stores across the country. They are staffed by volunteers and Cherida Derby, the store’s manager, would despirately like to hear from people that could volunteer to staff it. If you are interested then you can contact Cherida, at the store, on 0121 382 2556.

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Shopkeeper highlights the impact of High Street road works. Are more businesses effected?

This week Erdington Echo interviewed the manager of Pindy’s Food Store to find out how his business has been effected by the road works on the High Street in Erdington.

We would like to hear from other businesses on the High Street and how the works have effected their business. We would also like to hear about their experience in claiming compensation from Severn Trent.

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Erdington Echo goes to press in November and December

This month, Erdington Echo has published it’s first printed newsletter. Paid for by advertising, we were able to print an issue for Erdington and an issue for Kingstanding. 2000 copies were printed for each. We currently plan to archive them online and will let you know when we do this. We have already secured income to cover the cost of a December copy in Erdington and will let you know when we secure funding for a Kingstanding issue. We warmly thank our voluntary distributors and the kind help from our printers.

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Government funding helps YMCA’s dreams come true in Stockland Green

Government funding from the ‘Places for Change’ programme will help Birmingham YMCA turn the dilapidated building on Reservoir Rd into a facility offering sport, residential accomodation, community facilities and ancillary offices. The government funded award will give the charity 1.5 million pounds towards the new building, which has just been given planning approval.

An artists impression of the proposed new Building


source (

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“Well done Birmingham City Council on a cracking firework display”

Visitors to Pype Hayes park warmly congratulated the efforts of Birmingham City Council on putting together a fine and free display of sound and fireworks that lit up the night sky. Erdington Echo would like to add to the complements of this fine event on a chilly night. We have included a brief clip of the 20 minute spectacular.

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New Erdington Jitsu Club to attend the Atemi Nationals.

Erdington Jitsu has just celebrated it’s first year. It is only a small club but are part of the largest Jui Jitsu organisation in Britain, The Jitsu Foundation which has over a hundred clubs & 3000 members.

First and formost Jitsu is a self-defence. It is a martial art based on the traditional styles of Jiu Jitsu that originated and developed in medieval Japan. The core of the art comprises a system of throws, joint locks and strikes. Based on the principal of using an aggressor’s energy to their own disadvantage, Jitsu skills can be used by men, women and children to counter aggressive situations ranging from unwanted harassment to armed physical assault.

The ages of our Jitsuka range from 5 to 50+.  Jitsu is suited to anyone with a willingness to learn.
Held in November at The International Centre Telford, the Atemi Nationals are at the heart of what we do, beginners can compete in a safe and controlled environment, whilst the Sunday sees a fantastic display of skill by all instructors in the open competition. All Foundation clubs are invited to take part in this 2 day event, with training and instruction from the Foundations most senior teachers., competitions and an exclusive social venue on Saturday evening.As a club, having the opportunity to train and learn from our Senior Sensei’s and meeting up with our friends from around the country is important to us.
 By Stuart Jefferies

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Kingsbury School celebrate Black History Month

On the evening of Thursday 23rd October, Kingsbury School held an open evening to celebrate students work towards a Black History month project. The collection of dance, food, African masks, posters and video presentations showcased some of the hard and productive work that had been built up over this last half term.

On display were African masks created by year 10 students. A collection of the masks are shown here.


Year 9 students sort to decorate ties in patterns similar to those found in Africa. They also presented posters which described their cultural identity.

Students from a range of ages created a video presentation describing what cultural identity, both black and white, means to them.

There was also a poster presentation from Erdington Hall primary school showing that even in primary school, students gained an understanding about figures from the civil rights movement such as Martin Luther King.

Ms Coulton, the head teacher, gave Erdington Echo an interview. Ms Coulton told Erdington Echo “The acceptance and tolerance they (the students) have now,  is the product of hard fought battles in the past.” This referred to the civil rights movement which the students have studied. To hear the full interview, open the movie file (sound only).


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Should speed cameras be removed from Erdington’s roads?

Erdington Speed Cameras

Due to technical difficulties the poll cannot be displayed.

This week, the BBC made the following report:-

Safety campaign groups and an MP have criticised a local authority’s decision to stop funding fixed speed cameras in Swindon.

The Wiltshire town’s borough council said £320,000 it pays annually towards fixed cameras would be better spent on warning signs and better lighting.

It has given six months’ notice of its decision to the camera partnership.

Department for Transport figures show most collisions in the UK are not due to speeding, the council said.

During the notice period the cameras will continue to operate as normal. What about Erdington Speed cameras? Should they be removed? Have your say!

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Local photographer’s work included on front cover of Erdington Echo Blog

(Court Lane Playing Fields)

Erdington Echo will be including the work of the Erdington photographer, Keith Berry, while searching for a sponsor to advertise on the blog. The Echo also hope to have regular contributions from this, and other photographers at regular intervals. For more information about keith’s work, go to

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